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The Story of My Life is Helen Keller's autobiography detailing her early life, especially her experiences with Anne Sullivan. The book is dedicated to inventor Alexander Graham Bell.An intimate portrait of Helen Keller through her life's writing, some published here for the first time.The Miracle Worker, Keller’s story has become a symbol of hope for people all over the world. 

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"The story of my life" is a good book, an autobiography written by - Helen Keller.

1.This book is a motivator for every human.
2.This books deals with her childhood, and tells about a hard-worker, and a good teacher Ms.Anne Sullivan.
3.It also contains how she spend her life in darkness, with a torch(Anne Sullivan).
4.It motivates every person who are like her, and tells how she was in the college, with all other normal people.

It is really a boon for the literature world.

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