First, start with ur name, and class.
Then, say what is a game.
Game is there to enrich our mind. It will make our body physically good. The best game which enriches the mind and the soul is football.

Football is a game, in which there are eleven players in a team. The main rule of this game, is that, the players should only kick the ball, and the use of hands is prohibited.
There is a goal keeper. He can only use both the hands and the legs. He protects the goal post from any goals. There are two goal posts in opposite end, and two goal keeper, one for each team. The game is entirely based on, kicking and goal-keeping.

Thus, it makes us to run and run, and in turn, makes us physically fit.
It strengthens our attitude, and gives a new spirit.

Then, u may conclude ur speech, and thank, and finish ur speech.
Playing games in the computer will drain you.
So, playing games in the real will keeps you healthy. For that, u must play a good game, which will make you strong. FOOTBALL IS SUCH A GAME.
Play as u wish; lead ur life as a new wish. 
You must be an inspiration for others, to be healthy.
Thanking you.

Hope this will help you.
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