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Because they have lower intermolecular force of attraction between them and due to high temperature of Ice
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Ice has less density when compared to the water. It is because,
increase in temperature, leads to lower density.
Therefore, the water at that temperature have a density higher than that of the ice, because of the temperature, and the lower inter molecular forces.
Also, water is the only liquid which have higher density than the solids(than the ice only). It is because of the above reasons, and also, ice is not a pure solid, it is an amorphous solid.

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I mean solids have high density compared to liquids but why here water has high density compared to ice
below 4 degree celcius,water expands when when we take 1 kg of water and freeze it,it turns into ice but its volume increases(as it expands).but its mass remains the same.therefore the density decreases as density =mass/volume.hence, same mass of ice has less density compared to water