Firstly pour milk with 3 litr can into 10 litre can. then the big can will contain 3 litres. after that place the 7 litre can rightly up the 10 l can so that the overflow of milk gets in to 10 litre can. pour three cans of 3litre can into 7 litre can. now with two cans the 7 litre can will be filled but there will be space for only 1 litre of milk in 7 litre can. if we will again pour a 3 litre can into 7 litre can remaining 2 litre will overflow and get into 10 litre can. it was firstly filled with 3litre now litre are added as overflow hence we got 5 litre of milk.
no that's not the correct answer. the 10ltr can contains milk in the shop from that you must take 5ltr of milk
you can take another container.
no just use those 3container and the 3ltr measuring cup doesnt have any other measures