We need to conserve fossil fuels because they are  precious resources from the history millions of years ago the plants became fossil (A carbon compound)  
Then When man got high intelligence (new generations) He started to consume it by taking benifits of it he did'nt knew that what he was doing he was depleting his resources  

If we dont conserve it our planet will become plundered!
Coal is a resource  which is petroleum
 The best way of preventing it is "BIOGAS" 
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We should conserve the fuel, because the fuels are getting depleted, and the chance for the fuel in the future will be less.

Then, the future generations will suffer, with the lack of fuel.
If we didn't conserve the fuels, then, there won't be any re-accomplishment.

So, it is important to conserve it, as it takes millions of years for it's formation. So, the Sustainable development is essential, and the conservation of the fuel is essential.

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