A vulture sitting on top of a tower 20 meters high sees a snake on the ground 100 meters away from the foot of the tower. The vulture at once swoops down in a slant straight line to catch the snake, crawling at a uniform speed of the bird is the same as that of the, find where the bird catches the snake?




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Draw a right angle triangle with perpendicular = 20m and base = 100m now find the hypotenuse = ✔️(20^2 + 100^2) = ✔️400+10000= ✔️10400= 101.98 answer
By making  the figure it would be clear
by the  figure its clear that we will use pythagorous theorem 
solving the above equation  you will get 2 answers of x one of them would be -ve while the other would be +ve we will neglect the -ve part and take the +ve part to solve further 
now the required answer is (100-x)
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