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10 facts on natural disaster;
1.Between 2000 and 2012, natural disasters caused  $17 trillion in damage and  affected 2.9 billion people.
2.World wide in 2011, there 154 floods, 16 droughts, and 15 cases of extreme   temperature.
3.Nearly 50% of the fatalities caused by natural disasters in 2012 were due to   hydro logical events like flooding or mass movements.
4.Damage path of tornadoes can be in excess of one mile wide and 50 miles long.
5.Floods r the most widespread  natural disaster aside from wild fires 90% of all
  US natural disasters declared by the president involve some sort of flooding.
6.The Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean is known to consist 90 percent of the total  1900 active volcanoes all over the world.
7.Southern California experiences over 10,000 earth quakes every 365 days, most
   are too small to be fell.
8.Sustaining winds of at least 74 miles per hour is essential when a tropical   storm has to be upgraded to the levels of a hurricane.
9.From 1950 to 2011, nine out of ten people affected by disasters world wide in
10.San Francisco has been considered to have faced the worst time of all in
  the year of 1906 when it faced an earthquake, which did not cause as much   damage as a three day fire did  that was followed by it.
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