Use of vehicles running on petrol and diesel is minimised.
use of non-conventional vehicles shoud be started.
reduction of air pollution.

this thing are done to protect ozone layer.
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1.We may use more and more battery vehicles instead of the polluting vehicles.
2.Limiting the usage of bikes, and cars for short distances, and by increasing the usage of the cycles,etc...
3.By using Compressed Natural Gas instead of using petrol, diesel, etc...
4.By taking possible measures to reduce the release of greenhouse gases, as these are responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer, and Global Warming.

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for the note of "lifeislife", in correct English, the word is motorcylcle, and not bike.
and for snhea, the answer of #lifeislife is not copied. it has some English errors. it clearly shows it is not copied from net.
motor cycle, motor bike, ...
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