To separate a mixture of sand Ammonium Chloride and common salt the teacher advised to separate the sublime substance from the mixture first before dissolving in water. the reason for this could be
a. to save time as after adding water we need to evaporate it
b. common salt and ammonium chloride both are soluble in water
c. sublimation is easier than dissolving salt in water
D. no specific reason it can be done in any order order



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The answer is b) common salt and ammonium chloride are both soluble in water

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According to me the answer should be b) common salt and water both are soluble in water.
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Zubeda while performing food test used iodine solution witha dropper t
o test the presence of iodine and them she dipped.the same dropper in conc. hydrochloric acid for testing adulteration in dal. her teacher instructed her to either wash the dropper or use separate dropper.This is because:
A.Dropper might break in acidic solution might contaminate hydrochloric acid
C.iodine solution might turn the acid blue black
D. There were many droppers available
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according to me the answer is option B
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