Keller's memories of the period after her illness are of staying close to her mother.Gradually, with her help, she learned to communicate with her family through gestures and signs.She was also able to do small household chores like folding and putting away clean clothes.Slowly, she realized that she was different from other people as she cannot communicate like them.This made her angry,frustrated and defiant.
Martha Washington, the daughter of the African American cook was her best friend.Keller admits to being naughty and getting into mischief with Martha.One day, when she had a pair of scissors in her hand,she cut off Martha's hair and Martha did the same to her.Another day, Helen learnt to use a key and locked her mother in the pantry for three hours.This convinced her parents that she needed to be controlled and educated.
When another girl was born in her family,she was named Mildred. Keller was jealous of her and resented her presence in her mother's life.One day, Helen found Mildred asleep in her doll's cradle.In anger, she overturned the cradle.Her mother saved the baby from a terrible injury.In time, however, Mildred and she became good friends.