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We are human being we all need love and care to live our life nicely.
but we also pay rude to many people like somebody have any kind of problem by health we should care about them not make fun of them or ignore them we should join hands and help them we love them like our friend it will help them to cure there problem.we should laugh and play as like normal people.
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Rudeness never pays, but kindness and compassion always does. This is a very true saying. If u r rude, then u r just gathering a pack of haters for ursef, nothing else. If u r being kind then u r gathering admirers and also getting blessings as a reward of showing kindness. Many times there are ppl who do not intend to be rude, but end up being rude due to tension on something. In those cases, they cannot be particularly blamed but yet one shud have control on their emotion. Whats the reward of being rude? The only thing u get is a curse by the other person. Some ppl act rudely just for entertainment which is a very wrong thing to do. One shud never play wid others emotions. 
oN THE OTHER HAND THOSE WHO SHOW KINDNESS EXTEND THEIR SOCIAL CIRCLE, and get blessings from the other person. Good people, who had seen their kindness are always there to help them in the situations when they are struck.So before u r rude to any one, remember Goodness is always rewarded but rudeness never pays.
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