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The play Ullo main Chullo has been inspired by the character, Umro Ayar from the famous stories from Talism e Husruba, which is part of the bigger tales from the Hamza Nama. The Hamza Nama was patronized by the Mughal King Akbar. The compilation of the Hamza Nama commissioned by King Akbar is known as one of the first instances in the sub continent that the when the oral tradition or ‘dastan goee’ was being scripted for the first time. 

The theme of the play for Ullo main Chullo revolves around the adventures of Umro Ayaar in the land of talism. The preparation of the script involved the study of the cultural and political context behind the writing of Hamza Nama and Talism e Hushruba in the courts of Mughal King Akbar. 

The backdrops, scripts, sets, costumes and music is consequently inspired by the artistic and cultural trends of Mughal India.
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