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Let's try and write a poem about Education from Mahatma Gandhi's point of view. What are the most important postulates that he makes? 

- Education should how to live your life
- Education should spin around practical skills 
- Education should be free and autonomous 
- Education should be free of curricular constraints
- Education should be based on a very intimate student-teacher relation 

Knowing the above we can try and write a couple of lines around those ideas and make the sound as if Gandhi himself was speaking, showing at the same time, that everybody could become the voice of the poem. 

My free-hand scribbles gave me the following: 

                                                  Learn how to live

That our world is vast and precious.
It takes no genius to see its pain,
caused by the change - swift, vicious.

So, here we stand - at crossroads of our time,
looking for new, abandoning the old. 
There is still a chance, a chance to thrive
and rise from chains, and rise from cold.

Gather together, go back to your roots.
Learn how to live from the live could give.
Learn not to be crushed under a new foot.
Be your own, learn how to live. 


I hope that you like it. Try by yourself, it's not as hard as it looks ;) 

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