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     Trees are a source of energy and life on our Earth.  We generally talk about the trees, their beauty, their use to humanity.  But we do not talk about the situation when trees are not present on Earth.  Because it is very hard to imagine such a situation.  In simple words, the human life could cease to exist any more.

    Human and animal life is totally dependent on availability of oxygen in air and on water.  Without oxygen we are dead.  Trees and plants of all forms are the natural creations of God, to augment the supply of oxygen in the atmosphere.

     We eject from our body a product of metabolism reaction in the form of Carbon dioxide after generating energy to live on.  That carbon dioxide is absorbed by all green plants and trees to do photo synthesis that results in the gas of life, oxygen.  In this process plants make food for themselves too.  Such is the beauty in the Creation of God.

    If trees are not there, the environment and the nature appear colorless.  We do not get food to eat like daal (grams), rice, wheat, vegetables and fruits.   We do not get pencil,  eraser, wooden furniture, paper to write on.  Also many medicines in different parts of the world are produced from plants.  The birds and insects lose their homes on trees.  Good rains are caused by trees and forests.  Their absence will reduce rains.  Soil erosion will increase.  The herbivores will die as they live on plant leaves.   The carnivores will die as they feed on plant food and herbivores.  The people will die as there will be no plant food, or non-vegetarian food either.  As the photosynthesis process absorbs solar energy, the heat and temperature on Earth reduces.  Otherwise Earth would have become intolerably hot.
    There are many disadvantages if trees are not present.  The list is endless.  What we need is to grow more trees and make mother Earth a better place to live in.

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