Problem Solving -
one of your classmate does not turn his homework on time . You are worried that your classmate is not able to catch up with the rest of the class..How will you explain him that the importance of timely submissions?some of the students of your classmates create disturbance in the class...All the good students are suffering due to this ...How will you explain to them that its their loss too?????write like a conversation in 100-200 words each write it fast !!!!!!!!!!!!

please write it fast!!!!!!!!!!!!
hello i answered your question u asked but if u want then i will also write another conversation on the second topic also but as i was in a little hurry so i only wrote on the first one if u want u can ask me anytime


We should explain her time is precious and its is money....we should take her parents help and give her some live incidence of our explanation..and we can take our teachers help also that she or he should more attention on him or her
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write in a conversation for example u and u r friend u both r discussing about her ..ok!!!!!!!!!!!
write it fast plz !!!!!!!!! i need it !!!
me- should ur work in time frnd- ya i try to do this but whenevr i try my mind got deflected me-if u want any help u can ask it to me and also to teacher....... u should keep he importance of time in ur mind....and see u can see many examples of this...this is only for ur benifit
Conversation for the first topic-
Naina- Hey Anchal ! How are you and have completed today's Biology homework.
Anchal- Oh no! I forgot again about it.
Naina- I am seeing that this days you are not completing homework on time.But you shouldn't do like that. If you continue submitting your homeworks always late then you will not get much good grades.Your parents are so worried about you.
Anchal- Sorry Naina I will not do like that I will complete my homework on time from now.
Naina -Yes you should if you don't do your work on time it creates a bad impression in the teacher's mind and they will remain unaware of your talents. You will also get more leisure time and you won't have to do overtime or procrastinate.
Anchal - Thanks Naina. I promise, from now I will always submit the assignments on time. I have realised my mistake and won't repeat it again.
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