Our main respiratory organs are our lungs. air pollutioncontains of gases and SPMs(suspended particulate matter). they can affect our respiratory organs by various ways.
*the particles can get stic in our trachea and can cause blockage.
* they can cause blockage in walls of alveoli present in our lungs.
*that can affect the respiratory tissues present in our lungs.
*even the gases present in air can contaminate our blood.
The respiratory system is particularly sensitive to air pollution. The lungs must bring in large quantities of air (over 400 million litres in a lifetime) in order to supply sufficient oxygen to the blood system. Air pollutants, such as ground-level ozone and particulate matter can injure the lungs directly. These pollutants may also trigger inflammation in the lungs that can affect the heart and blood vessels. The air pollutants may also enter the blood and can affect other organs elsewhere in the body.