The biggest source of inspiration for me is India's new Prime Minister 'Narendra Modi'. He belonged to a poor family, and had to sell tea, but it wasn't acceptable to him, to see thats others were big and famous and he was selling tea. So he came out of his house and went all the way to become the CM of gujrat. He did not get into wrong things to be famous, but worked hard and always was self dependent. He wanted to work for the betterment of his place, and so as we hear gujrat gets 24 hrs electricity... Is this not his hardwork and dedication?
I want to be a hardworking and dedicated person like him.....
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Today, vast sections of civil society see in Narendra Modi the next Prime Minister of India. I hope he will plant more visible footprints on the international seashore. He has to speak of peace and a durable solution to the Kashmir problem with the rulers of Pakistan.

And he will make india a golden india :)
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