37/D,Dr. Suman Road,
Kolkata-700 023
29th September,2015.

Dear Grandparents,
Hope you both are well by the grace of God.I received your letter yesterday in which you mentioned that you want to know that how i had spend my vaccation.This letter is to answer you.

We had our vaccation most probably for ten to twelve days.My friends along with me went to Goa for ten days .we went there by train.we enjoyed our journey by train a lot .we sang,laughed and did many other things.we all had great fun in Goa .the place was really very pleasant and made all of us very energetic.

Grandparents ,i want you to come with me the next time i go for a trip.i am very sure that it would be great fun.i will now end my letter.hope to hear from you soon.
your loving grand daughter,
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