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Then, start with nature. Nature gives us all the things in outr life. It just gives us, without any expectation. Even when we destroy it, it will not do bad for us, it continues to help us.
This is the specialty of the nature.
What we are doing for the nature??
We are cutting the trees,
Spoiling the environment,
using more and more plastics, etc...

Though the nature is helping us, and giving us a lot of things.
Then, u may conclude by saying that,
We people are cutting trees and plants, causing Global warming, and acid rain;
and, we are using lot of vehicles causing excessive release of the smokes, and green house gases.
So, it is our duty to keep our nature clean; to protect our nature; and to get benefited.
Then, say Thank you, for the people who are all gathered there.

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The word nature means the universe with all it's phenomena;and in common sense refers to the essences unchanged by man.Nature includes the general realm of various types of living plants and animals,and also many non-living things, such as the weather and geology of earth, and the matter and energy of which all these things are composed of.
Nature is beautiful,so it is worth knowing and hence worth living.Nature is so miraculous because it is not static but is ever changing.No matter how many times one looks at something,it is always different.One can enjoy the beauty of nature when one sees it, hears it ,and feels it silently.
But modern man is deluged with artificial that cut out his awareness of nature.He is destroying the nature indiscriminately.
We must be aware that we cannot survive in this planet without nature. If there is no nature, there will be no life on earth. By considering this, we must protect and preserve our mother nature.
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