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Date- 30-9-15                                                                        To- Grandparents
Dear grandma and grandpa,
How are you? Today at school we had color dress and 
we got to go on a field trip. When we came back we
got to see our teachers dance and sing! It was So
much fun!! Even the seniors got to show their talent 
and one dance team danced so well it inspired me to dance.
But the fun didn't end there.. We also got to go to an
amusement park! We traveled on a double deccered bus, and guess what?
I got to sit with my best friends on the second layer. And when we reached
we had some burgers and juice and then we went on all the dry rides and after 
that we got to swim! but then we had to go.We left very early so we had to leave
at 11 am. Then we reached school and we had to write an essay about our trip 
and then we went home. It was so much fun today at school i wish it was like that every day! I am so happy you are coming here next month.. I can tell you more about what happened today.
Your loving grandchild
-Your Name-
thank you :)
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