FORMAL LETTER- 1. Sender's address 2. Receiver's address 3. Subject 4. Salutation 5. Content of letter 6. Complementary close( write dhanyavad, then in next line apki agyakari shishya/ agyakarini shishya, Next line-Your name, Next line- your class, Next line - your roll no. And then in last line you have to write date. If the letter is to school authority then the above complementary close is OK but if it is to any some society head, education minister or to an editor you just have to write Dhanyavad, then bhavdiya, your name and only date. INFORMAL LETTER- 1. Sender's address 2. Date 3. Salutation ( after salutation always write - saadar namaskar, madhur smritiyan etc.) 4. Content of letter 5. Complementary close
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