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Mahatma Gandhi has taught a lot of ideal principles to follow in one's life.  Most of his life and experiences are in a different India from today's.  Still Gandhiji's teachings as well as principles followed by him are good to adopt and follow.  Much of those principles would be relevant to any leader in the society.

Gandhiji has shown by example to fight against oppression, racism, discrimination, caste system and any such practice.  I would protest against such a practice.  I would rather like a better society.  Gandhiji asked us to behave nicely with downtrodden people.  As much as possible, I can attempt to do so.

Gandhiji has said that the customer is the most important person for an employee or an organization.  I try to adopt this as much as I can.  Gandhiji's principles of satya, ahimsa (non-violence), dharma have  a great influence.  I will try to follow them to sort out issues without violence.  I try to be honest and truthful too.  Gandhiji said that do not preach any thing which you cannot or do not do.  I try to preach or teach only what I can.  Gandhiji showed that simplicity and disciplined life is important for success.  I do try to follow those idealistic philosophy in life.  It will make one's life simpler and easier.
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