1. Say a big No to pollution
2. All types of pollution are equally harmful
3. You can’t feel the pollution unless you hate it
4. Solution of pollution lies in dilution
5. Stop pollution by mitigation
6. Stop pollution or get ready for your elimination
7. Pollution impacts slowly but lethally
8. Stop pollution before it’s too late
9. Pollution never forgives and must destroy us1
0. Pollution means slow poison
11. Fight pollution for your coming generations
12. Control pollution first, then your anger
13. Always shun pollution
14. Hate pollution, love humanity

Go green to keep it clean.

Be the solution to runoff pollution.

Be fair , don't pollute the air.

Plant a tree and get air for free.

Using plastic is going to be drastic.

If you litter the future will be bitter.

Wipe out pollution before it wipes you out.

 Go green and breath clean.

Every time you smoke the world starts to choke.