1.Mahatma Gandhi is the Father of our nation. He followed non-violence.
2.Any new way brought by anyone, is acceptable by everyone.
3.Thus, his idea of non-violence was accepted by the people, and he became a leader.
4.He was born in October 2 in Borbander in the year 1869. When he was to go to another country, his mother asked to promise for three.

5.All the freedom seekers, obeyed him. The leaders with massive support at that time, was Gandhi and Netaji. But, both where in different way. Though, Netaji named Gandhi as "Mahatma".
6.His non'violence, made the Britishers to reconsider them-self, and to leave India.
7.Thus, he was an inspiration.
8.Mahatma started the non-cooperation movement, while united all the Indians, together.

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