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Aims of Education :-
1.                  Bread and Butter aim:  Bread and Butter aim refers to utilitarian aim which is an immediate requirement. Gandhiji focused on education that provides learning while learning. This has to be a tool with each and every learner. S/he can remove unemployment keeping in mind the poverty and unemployment of India. Gandhiji focused and suggested industrial training and development of manual skills and handicraft as subject of education which will give satisfaction to the educand of his earning and self reliance but also it will be proved as a support to his/her family and nation at large.
2.                  Cultural Aim:- According to Gandhiji cultural aspect of education is more important than the literacy. Culture is the foundation, the primary thing which the girls ought to get from here. It  should show in the smallest detail of your conduct and personal behaviour, how to sit , how to walk, how to dress etc. it is the education through which students or everyone learn the glorious culture of the country-India, its incredible arts, religions and so on. Education is the device which makes them familiar with our great culture and it is to be taught that how do they adopt and what is the importance of value of our culture. Thus Gandhiji laid much emphasis on cultural aim of education and recommended that Geeta and Ramayana to be taught as a means of introducing students to their rich cultural and spiritual heritage.
3.                  Harmonious development:- Education should develop all the three levels i. e. 3RS- read, write and arithmetic. The education should help in feeling what is taught and what happens to him and to express, what he feels and also what he wants to do. So all the faculties of person should be developed. Writing and reading will make him literate and arithmetic will help in calculating day-to-day expenses and more importantly it will help in logical thinking and analyzing things.
4.                  Moral Aim:-  Education should make person aware of what is right & wrong. It inculcates in us values and manners and moulds our character. Gandhiji focused more on character building than on literacy. According to him development of personality was more significant than accumulation of intellectual tools and academic knowledge. And we also believed that an educand should be taught non-violence, truth, and importance of thoughts, word and deed.
5.                  Social and individual Aim:-  The aim of education of Gandhiji is both social and individual. He wanted individual perfection and a new social order based on “Truth” & “Non-violence”. Education trains an individual and makes him an ideal citizen who will help his nation. An individual learns so many things from surrounding, culture, society and so on and he progresses simultaneously society progresses because the individuals’ growth is nothing but the growth of the society and nation.