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     Mahatma Gandhiji is respected as the Ambassador of Peace and harmony by the entire world.  There are institutes for studies of Gandhiji’s methods.  There is a PG course too in Gandhian peace.  Gandhiji was taken as an example by Martin Luther King in USA and Nelson Mandela in South Africa.  Gandhiji firmly believed that joy and prosperity for the mankind in the world can only be brought by peace and mutual respect for the different cultures and religions that we follow.

    Gandhiji taught that the power that is secured with love is much greater than that is snatched by frightening people.  That power will last permanently.  One needs to fight but peacefully and non-violently, with courage.  We could use protests,  non-cooperation, civil disobedience, silent suffering,  breaking of laws and filling of jails to fight against violence and atrocities.  We do neither agree nor  yield to the enemy.  The best way to resolve conflicts is by constructive discussions.

    Fighting violently against atrocities and retaliating killings or warring boringly only bring more sorrow for people and destroy our world.  War creates orphans, homeless and destruction of property.  Gandhiji proved that liberty, equality, justice and democracy of a nation can be obtained by peace associated with its weapons.

      We can die (sacrifice our lives) for many noble causes that bring peace to the world.  But killing is not justified whatever the reason or cause be.  He sacrificed his own law practice in Durban.  He was earning a lot there.  Gandhiji trained a number of volunteers in South Africa on Satyagraha and its ways.  Gandhiji gave many speeches, wrote many articles on peace, followed them and asked others to follow them.   He advised many Indian fighters who took to violence, to stop that and join his peaceful fight.

    He said that if we continue to take an eye for an eye then all will later become blind.  We are all human beings at the bottom of our hearts.  The peaceful approaches will bring out those humanitarian feelings from the enemy at one point of time.  We should not let the cultural, political, religious and other differences to get us in fights.  War is only good for destruction and no joy.  We need to observe a powerful self-restraint and bear the injustice (in masses) until it wears down.

    We must lead an exemplary life practicing what we teach.  So we must follow peaceful ways to get what we want.  Then the world will change and evolve.  What changes we want to see in the world or the other person, we must first become those changes.  Then we see the new world that we wanted.  We show the other cheek when one slaps us on one cheek.  Gandhiji let many Englishmen out of India on Independence, in spite of them killing Indians deliberately.  Gandhiji gathered, inspired and retained courage of millions of people with his inventions of peace tools.

     Had Gandhiji been some selfish, he could not have become the father of the nation.  Nor his tools of peace could have succeeded.   He was voted the man of the 20th century.  There is an International peace day and International peace prize on his nameHis firm beliefs in God, underlying humanitarian nature inside every person, fearlessness, selflessness, honesty, transparency and power of truth have made him the ambassador of peace.

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