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1. Qualities of a class monitor/captain:

Being a head or come in the control of something is excessively lucky. People think it is all fate. Same is the case with being a head boy or girl in the school. But, it is not that invaluable being the head in school. A captain must has some extra special qualities and only thatswhy he/she succeeds in coming to a high position and have reputations. For being a class/school captain, he/she should have the qualities, mentioned below:-

- Polite
- Well in education
- Punctual
- Neat and tidy
- Fluent in talking or delivering a speech , oratory skills , presentation skills 
- Sense of leadership
- Sensible 
- Co-operative
- Modest
- Kind-hearted
- Capacity of working hard
- etc.. 

2. Responsibilities of a class captain:

Just as I said that to be someone in high position must needs qualities , it is also hard being one. Because, after rising to high position, our responsibilities also increase. I will try to mention some responsibilities of a class captain :--

A class captain .....

- must always maintain the classroom while the teacher is not present 
<thats the vital duty>

- will always erase the board after each period.

- will always help the teacher in whatever ways

- must keep the classroom neat, and organized 
<check if the AC or other machineries are working well, the board is clean, tables and chairs are in position>

- must report the teacher or principal if some unwanted incidents are occuring

- will check if any machinery e.g. AC, clock, generator has problems

- sometimes takes a temporary job instructed by the teacher

- will help students in their education if their having problems with it , give support to them

- will check the classroom status every week and give reports to the teacher

- there are more....

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