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      Gandhiji went to schools in Rajkot near Porbandar.  He was an average student.  He studied at high school but his attendance and marks were not high.  He fell ill and stayed home during a long time.   He lost a year at school due to his marriage.   He passed matriculation in 1887 with just 40% marks.  He joined a college in Bhavnagar state.  But he was home sick and did not fare well.  He discontinued his studies there.  Gandhiji studied the usual subjects of mathemetics,geometry, Gujarati, English, and sciences.

     Gandhiji was the most educated in his family.  His uncle and well wishers wanted him to study law in England and become a Diwan with the government.  He left for England in spite of warnings of being outcast in the society for crossing the seas.  He faced difficulties in England regarding food.  He could not adopt himself to the English customs.  He was strict vegetarian, maintained Brahmacharya, did not smoke, or drink.  He kept his promise to his mother.  He was influenced by Bhagawad Gita, Budhha, Hindu culture and theosophical society. 

   He became a barrister at law in England and returned to India.  He was unable to practice in the courts, as his psychology was more moral based and not for earning food by any means.  His education was in the real life through practicing the principles he read.

  Gandhiji’s education was not the degrees he studied at institutions.  He learned through experiences and evolved himself to great heights by establishing principles and following them.  Those were suited to the need of the hour.
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