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    Swach Bharat is the five-year campaign that our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi started on 2nd October, 2014.  Father of Nation, Gandhiji was not happy with the knowledge and practices of Indians related to hygiene and sanitation.  To realize Gandhiji’s dream PM Modi initiated this campaign.

     Indians have been facing a lot of illnesses and contagious diseases since a long time.  A lot of money was being spent on cure and medicines.  The normal life of people is disrupted when people fall ill.

     Swach Bharat Abhiyan is meant mainly for two purposes.

   1.  To provide clean and safe drinking water to all people, in sufficient quantities.

To provide suitable and sufficient sanitation facilities, waste disposal system, rural cleanliness.  This includes construction of public toilets, toilets in schools and in individual houses too.

         The main purpose is to provide healthy living conditions for people of India and to raise awareness in their minds on hygiene.  Defecating and urinating in public places is unhealthy.   Mosquitoes, viruses and harmful organisms develop and could cause diseases.  One needs to maintain toilets and houses clean.  Organic waste from kitchen as well as other garbage must be disposed in proper garbage bins provided by the municipal authorities.

     Especially in schools where children spend their time during the day, it is important.  We need to avoid littering on roads and elsewhere.  We should not allow stagnant waters in nearby localities.  We should not pollute river waters and other water bodies by throwing waste, plastic things, polythene bags, chemical fluids and powders etc.  Then that water is used for drinking later on.  So it is putting oneself at risk.
  There are projects also to clean rivers like Ganges.  Then the health of lakhs of people taking a dip in the river will be saved.

         When Indians follow healthy practices, drink pure water, dispose of garbage properly, the living environment becomes healthy.  Then children and adults do not fall sick so often.  Thus India at large will benefit.  Sick people’s health will improve.  Number of people dying from deadly diseases will reduce.  People’s time, money and effort will be saved.  Then their living standards will improve.  Then they will be able to take care of their health in a better way further on.

         Due to awareness publicity, children learn hygienic practices.  They will be able to adopt a lifestyle which is hygienic.   Swasth Bharat is the healthy India where all people live in clean environments and live healthy lives.   In this program the municipal authorities as well as children and individual citizens have important roles to play.  Thus swach Bharat will become a healthy (swasth) Bharat.
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