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Change yourself before you wish to see the changeMental strength is more important than physical
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1.  Truth, ahimsa, nonviolence, dharma,non-co-operation and their power.  Not to tell lies.
2.  customer is the most important person and is not an interruption. 
3.  Live simple, honest disciplined life, be true to yourself.
4.  Preach what you practice and not boast of ideals.
5.  Leadership by example, transparency and honesty.
6.  Treat lower level people with a consideration and not with hatred or scorn.
7.  Self-reliance.
8.  Respect ladies and give importance in family.
9.  Gandhiji did mistakes in his childhood and youth.  He learned to tell them, apologize and face the consequences.
10. Gandhiji believed in clean environment, hygiene, literacy, God, religion, religious harmony, tolerance etc.
11.  Gandhiji was motivated to help people and to see that dharma is done.
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