Often when student leave their class to go library or playground. they do not switch off lights or fans. the taps are lift on in washroom. discuss how you can convince your classmate that they should to more responsible about this.

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you: iam saddened by a fact that our class mates do not switch off lights and fans while leaving the class room to go to the playground.
partner: yes they even do not bother to turn the running taps in the wash rooms.
you: i have decided to take a presentation in a class how much water and electricity we waste daily and give them concrete figures of how many houses can get  water and electricity if we are not wasteful
partner:great idea.let us also arrange a screening of the movie to swades where it is shown that views of the developed part of society are so far removed from reality.
you: iam sure that the classmates will give us a positive response.let us choose a monitor specifically for fining anybody who leaves the tap running or the lights on
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