First is thing is i by going 2 school i hav learnt how 2 behave with others, manners.
second  is i hav learnt 2 do things by my own . and help others 
3rd is taking inspiration from others , my role model . 
4th is i have learnt how to enjoy my life it is the most injoyable thing and that too school is the best place to enjoy . by going 2 school i gain knowledge and i am very lucky to becoz in the world many childrens are unable 2 go 2 school becoz of various reasons . 
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 1.Listening to Spirit’s inner voice ultimately makes life easier.
• "Letting go" is the only way to keep something or someone in your life.
• Everyone should have a cat because a cat makes you smile once in a while.
• Children are the best mirrors.
• Love is a commitment to growth.
• Dogs understand love better than people do.
• Angels inhabit human forms.
• "We" vs. "They" thinking creates fear and conflict. Harmony requires a sense of community.
• Quiet reflection feeds the soul.
• Books are the ambrosia of life.
• Freedom is worth the responsibility.
and there are many more............