I consider myself adventurous.
I believe my life is my biggest adventure .every decision I take and direction I choose forms an adventure on its own.
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    I don't really consider myself an adventurous person.  I like the thrill and excitement that an adventure gives.  But I believe in a steady, regular and well planned life.  I wish to work good and progress steadily to greater heights as time progresses.  I believe in intellectual wonders.  I solve many puzzles and complex problems.  I do adventures in the academic and intellectual world.

    I participate in some adventures some times along with friends.  It is more of fun time in a new environment.  Perhaps in future when I have opportunity to go on adventures, I will do.  Probably I will take risks with funds and try some ventures with investments as well as collaborations.  That will be good for me I hope.  It is not physical but more of an adventure in career with involvement of my intellect.

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