The connective tissues are blood,bone,ligaments,tendons,cartilage and areolar tissues.
Blood:-Blood has a fluid matrix called plasma,in which RBC's,WBC's and platelets are suspended.Blood floats and transports gases,oxygen and other various items to all parts of the body.
Bone:-It forms the framework that supports the body.It also anchors the muscles and support the main organs of the body.It is a strong and non-flexible tissue.
Ligament:-Two bones can be connected to each other by the connective tissue ligament.This tissue is very elastic.It contains very little matrix.
Tendons:-Tendons are connective tissues that connect muscles and bones.They are fibrous tissues with great strength.
Cartilage:-It has widely spaced cells.The solid matrix is composed of proteins and sugars.They smoothens the bone surfaces at the joints and are also present in nose,ears etc...
Areolar:-Areolar connective tissues are found between the skin and the muscles,around blood vessels and nerves and in blood marrow.It fills the space inside organs and help in repair of tissues.

Blood,Tendons,Muscles,Bones,etc are connective tissues.
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