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A very warm good morning to all of you present here. Today I (name) of class (class and section) is standing before you to deliver the speech on the topic natural resources.
The things present in our surrounding naturally are natural resources like wood, minerals, petroleum, soil, etc. These can not be prepared by human beings.
There are two kinds of natural resources namely renewable and non renewable resources.
Woods which is one of the natural resources has tendency to renew itself if they are not over harvested. However, in recent times we are witnessing the cutting down of the trees at alarming rates. In cities it has become difficult to see a green patch. The cutting of trees results in loss of ecosystem and cause soil erosion.
We need to conserve what we have left and to do so we will have to use these natural resources sparingly and wisely.
We should use the sun, wind and water to generate electricity as sunlight can be used to generate electricity and prepare food. In the same  manner wind and water also generate electricity. 
At last I would like to conclude myself by saying that we must join our hands in our efforts to preserve our natural resources. Preservation can not be happen without conservation. Hence we must all do our part in conserving. Thank you.
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