Nowadays fuel is very important for us because today, our lifestyle is mostly dependent on machines. And to run them we need fuel. 
But the deficiency of fuel today had made a big problem.
If we'll be suffering from the fuel deficiency then we'll import it because it is our vital need, and the imported fuel will be extra costly.
Its CO2 emission is also a great cause of global warming. Unfortunately most of the common methods of energy production can cause serious environmental problems acid rain, water pollution, habitat destruction etc. And the environmental effects are also cause of a great number of diseases  in human beings. Due to 
So if we'll conserve fuel we can save money, protect our environment and also we can protect human health.
We should need to conserve fuel because it is a natural resource. If we will waste it like for example; when we are driving a vehcile and the traffic signal becomes red and if we now that if the signal will change after several minutes and we will not turn off the vehcile then we are our a fool because we will waste fuel and it will also waste our money because we first go to petrol pumps and make full the tanks of are vehcile by giving money. So Save fuel and your money as well