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Yesterday iam celebrate my birthday my parents and friends are surprisly arrange a party to give me a big black forest cakes, snakcs and lots of gifts then my friend
keerthu dance very well on my birthdat party and we are take selfie and lots of photos then we are eating cakes , pizzas , burgers and sushi also we eat and
party also finished all friends are go for a homes then iam very big smile with happily to sleep finished these all my birthday celebration
  i hope this useful for you
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DATE-30.09.2015                                                         WEDNESDAY 
 10.00 PM
Dear Diary ,
            today i am very is good day for me because today is my birthday. all my parents,friends,relatives wish to me.i am so happy for that. i enjoy my birthday in my school. my teachers bless me.In evening ,there was party organised by my parents.all my friends and my relatives come in my party.i enjoy the party a lot. my favorite dishes are there for all. this is my best day in the world.i never forget this day.

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