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Essay on Mahatma Gandhi and his education philosophy.

Mahatma Gandhi was the "Father of the our nation" - India.
He was called Mahatma because of his marvelous philosophies. His education philosophy should be considered by the government, to make a better and best education for the children.
Gandhi and his education philosophy:-
He always ensured, not make to mug up the questions, in other words, not to make the children as a robot, which just studies and vomits. He always ensures practical education.

He always says about the education in "Mother Tongue". He is sure in his philosophy that, educating one in another language, will not bring excellence. He always laid measures to ensure education in the mother tongue. If one studies in his mother tongue, he will be able to get clear ideas of the matter, and will be able to show excellence in his future.
The best example for this, is Abdul Kalam. Kalam was an example for everything n education and philosophy. He learnt in his mother tongue, and showed excellence in his passion.
He had became a scientist, and in his time, India had no confidence in the field of Space research. But, through his hard work, and smart work, he had made India to prosper in this field. He had born in Tamil Nadu, where every parents will join their children in a private school, and in English medium, stating that, "This will help in his/her future".
But, Kalam had justified Mahatma's education philosophy, and won the hearts of many Indians. This reveals Mahatma's education philosophy.

He always know about the changing world, and he predicted the modern world, and so, his philosophies are based on the life in the modern world. So, he ensured to teach us, how to not let the traditions go, and at the same time, he ensures the modern culture to grow. Thus, he says that, the changes in the present, should not spoil the tradition, and tat the same time, the values offered by the tradition should not be neglected because of the tradition; and, he taught how to balance between these. But, we are not following his advice.

Though he had thought many, we are not following his ideas of non-violence, education in the mother tongue, etc... But, nowadays the CBSE board is satisfying his ideas, by the CCE method. Hope the nation will become as a developed one before 2020, as stated by Abdul Kalam.

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