Mr. Anagnos was the director of Perkins institution.He helped the blind and deaf children. He was a tender, kind-hearted man.He wanted to help Helen too.He sent Miss. Sullivan to teach her.
Mr.Anagnos loved Helen dearly and had faith in her innocence and abilities. He would talk kindly and shared in Helen's frolicks.But one incident changed his relations with Helen.She wrote a story called 'Frost King"and sent it to Mr.Anagnos. He was delighted and published it in one of the reports of the institution.A woman named Canby claimed that it was a copy of her story 'The frost fairies which was published before Helen was born.At first Mr.Anagnos, though deeply troubled, seemed to believe Helen.The blind girls of the institution were going to present a masque, and he chose her to play Ceres in it.One of the teachers questioned Helen, and her replies made the teacher believe that Helen had actually stolen the story.
     Mr. Anagnos, who loved Helen tenderly, now believed that Helen and Miss. Sullivan had deceived him.He turned a deaf ear to Helen's pleadings.Helen fell in his esteem, and he did not love her as usual.Helen too was anguished and regretted to lose the friendship of such kind,loving man as Anagnos was.
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