Mahatma Gandhi is a man who has many things to study. His life is an inspiration to all age groups. His lifestyle is so small even though he was born in a rich family. He was born in Porbandar. His father was Karamchand Gandhi. His mother was a pios lady. His wife was Kasthurba Gandhi. He had 4 children.
His acts was A very very variety compared to other word famous people. He did every war in non violence.
Gandhi ji was the Father of our Nation.
He followed non-violence. He didn't asked the people to fight with the Britishers, instead he asked to face the situation with non-violence. This social thought made him as a successful leader at that time. He was born on second october, 1869, in Borbander. All the freedom seekers, obeyed him. Netaji named Gandhi as "Mahatma".
His non'violence, made the Britishers to reconsider them-self, and to leave India.
Thus, he was an inspiration.

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