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Good morning teachers principle and my dear friends.Today I stand before you to tell about on topic future depends what you do today .I want to say that if we won't study today what you will do in future there will no big job for noneducational people you have a labour or a small job handler.So by this you can understand what i want to future always depends what you do today you can't change your future while sitting and thinking by doing nothing all day wasting your time.
Thank you.
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Good morning dear principle maam teachers and all my dear friends it is my golden opportunity to stand before you all. today i willl tell that future depends on today.

if we want to become or achieve something in future we have to do something now.
if we study now we may be a doctor or something in future . if we do now we have done all in not think about the past think about the present. we should never think what to do in future always think what to do in present.
please i hope you all would follow the thing we have learn't
thank you and have a nice day

hope you like it and it help  you too
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