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Ten best things I have learnt from the actions of Mahatma Gandhi:-
Mahatma Gandhi was a political, ideological, impressive icon, who had became the "Father of the Nation" for India. He followed the way of non-violence, and truth. The ten best things I have learnt from him were:-

1. I learnt to be a normal person from him, that he lived with his simpleness, and ordinary behavior, even though he was a successive figure for the freedom of India.
2. Tamil poet Thiruvalluvar, had said that, if one was good in speaking truth, he has no need to follow other things. As, truth always triumps. Truth itself brings you to follow other good things, and you no need to worry for other things.
Gandhiji was the best example for his sayings. As, his truth gave him the name "Mahatma". I learnt to speak truth from him.
3. He followed the non-violence. It is universal truth that, 
a soft sound will even make the hard people to hear for you. I learnt to follow non-violence from him.
4. He always cared for the poor people, and lead a life of a poor fellow. I learnt from him to always care for the poor people.
5. He never had head-weight, even though he was a national icon. I learnt this from him.
6. If he promises, he will work to keep it, and never goes away from that. He promised his mother, not to eat non-veg, and he followed it, till his death. I learnt to keep the promise, from him.
7. He never gone in the path of the Britishers, though they called him. I learnt this, from him, to be in favor for the nation.
8. I learnt from him, to be good in profession. He always loves his profession, and ever gone in the way of corruption.
9. I learnt from him to love all the people of the country. As he said, all the Indians are our brothers and sisters, and if anyone is in problem, we have to help them.
10.  He never thinks which is found to extra for him. Many politicians will save money for even their grand children. But, Mahatma didn't did like that, he lived with the basic consumption of an average human being. I learnt this from him.

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