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The Day My Life Changed
Graduation is a well waited for ceremony in life. Everyone looks forward to this special day, but I knew there was going to be more to my graduation than getting my diploma. This day meant new changes in my life, the time to become a new person, to grow up, to follow my life long dreams and separate the responsibilities from the fun. I never thought graduation would mean that much to me, since I always change from grade to grade. My high school graduation was the most significant life changing event that I have ever experienced. 
On the morning of May 29, 2004, the day of my Graduation, I woke up feeling so stressed out. Still to this day, I do not know why I became so stressed. Once I got motivated to get up and move around, I jumped into the shower. As I got into the shower, I could not stop worrying about messing up at graduation. When I got out, I still felt unclean. Then I had to prepare for the starting of my adulthood making this morning so much different than the rest. I felt so rushed, even though I had all the time in the world. My parents played a big part in that day. They always knew if I needed their support. Whether I could of used advice, a hug, or even a shoulder to cry on. I got dressed in my khaki pants, white long sleeve shirt, and a narrow, black tie. After I finished lacing up my sparkling black leather boots, I went to the mirror to do a double check on myself. When I reached the perfection in my look, I felt ready to go. My dad and I had talked for hours because I became so nervous about starting my adult life. He finally made me realize that I would do fine. After that nice chat, the most dreaded part of the day came, I had to take pictures with everyone. First my family most importantly, then my high school buddies. Taking these pictures took about three and half hours. My morning finally came to an end, but my day had not reached its ending.
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