1.) Fail early and often;time is your best asset.
 2.) You can't force friendships.
 3.) You're not supposed to accomplish all of your goals.
 4.) No one actually knows what the hell they're doing.
 5.) Most people in the world basically wants the same thing.
 6.) The world doesn't care about you.
 7.) Pop culture is full of extremes,practice moderation.
 8.) The sum of the little things matter much more than the big things.
 9.) The world is not a scary place out to get you.
10.) Your parents are people too.
1. Children are the best mirror.
2. To forgive others.
3. To change the world first we need to change our own vision of seeing the world.
4. Parents are the best gift by god.
5. Friends are the one to share all the secrets ,
6. Helping others is the best feeling.
7. Never underestimate yourself .
8. Try try but don't cry.
9. Real beauty lies in character.
10. Nothing is impossible in the world remember when we break impossible it becomes , I M POSSIBLE.