Explain why ice at 0degree is more effective in cooling than water at same temp

Ice at zero, a crystalline solid, requires ENERGY to break up the crystal structure to give liquid water at the same temperature. This is called the LATENT HEAT OF FUSION. For water (ice), this is quite high (334kJ/kg)
is my answer is correct
your answer is worng water at zero degree will absorb more heat than ice google it dude because water has tendency to absorbs both sensible and latent heats


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Because ice is turning to water and in this it is releasing heat whereas at this temperature water converts to ice thus taking in heat . Therefore water at 0C is less cooler than ice at the same temperature 
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Ice is solid state while water is liquid state.thus ice will convert into liquid state by absorbing the latent heat of fusion but no such heat will be absorbed by water as it is already in the liquid state. So ice is effected more than water
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