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    Swach Bharat is the biggest campaign to clean India.  Our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi started on 2nd October, 2014.  It will continue for 5 years.  Gandhiji was not happy hygiene and sanitation practices of Indians.  To realize Gandhiji’s dream PM Modi initiated this campaign.

     Indians fall ill and get contagious diseases easily.  A lot of money is spent on cure and medicines.  Our prestige as a nation has been suffering.

     Swach Bharat Abhiyan is meant mainly for two purposes.

   1.  To provide clean and safe drinking water to all people, in sufficient quantities.

   2.  To provide suitable and sufficient sanitation facilities, waste disposal system, and  rural cleanliness.  This includes construction of public toilets, toilets in schools and in individual houses too.

     Defecating and urinating in public places is unhealthy.  Mosquitoes, viruses and harmful organisms develop and could cause diseases. 
So Swach toilets are constructed.  One needs to maintain houses as well as the toilets clean. Garbage from kitchen must be disposed in proper garbage bins provided by the municipal authorities.  Pure drinking water facilities will be provided to villages and urban areas, where they are not available yet.  River Ganga will be cleaned and protected.  It is important as a lot of persons use Ganga water for bathing, cooking and drinking.

     Children must learn the good sanitation practices.  We should not litter.  We should not allow waters to be stagnant as mosquitoes and viruses grow in such places.

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