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Korean Drama refers to televised dramas in the Korean Language.Korean dra,as can be set in contemporary times or  in historical settings.South Korea started to broadcast television series  in the 1960's,transforming traditional historical series.Korean Dramas are usually short within a very short schedule,actually a very few hours before broadcast. Screenplays are flexible and may change anytime during production depending on some basic factors.Korean Drama has its origin in prehistoric religious rites,while music and dance plays an integral role in all traditional theatrical performances.A good example of this classical theatrical form is the masked dance, a combination of dance,music narrative punctuated with satire and humour.Slightly varying from one region to the another ,it enjoyed remarkable popularity among the rural people till the 20th centuary.Pansori the lengthy narrative songs based on popular tales and puppet plays performed by vagrant artists also drew large audience.The shamanistic rituals known as guts were another form of religious theater that appealed to the general public.All these performances are seldom presented today.In the 1970's a number of young artists began to study and adopt the themes of traditional and theatrical works like the  masked dance plays,shaman rituals and pansori.The Koreean Culture and Arts foundation has been sponsering an annual drama festival to encourage local theatrical performances.At present a great number of theatrical groups are active all the year round featuring all the geners from comedy to historical epics at small theatres.Some theatrical performances become very successful and are staged for extended runs.The first Korrean made film was shown to the public in 1919.It was a so called kino-drama  designed to be combined with a stage performance.The first feature film was screened in 1923.In 1926 charismatic actor-director Na Ungyu drew an enthusiastic response from the public from producing "Arirrang" a cinematic protest against   the Japanese oppresion.Public interest in the films has been mounting and several international film festivals have been staged by provisional government or private organisations in Korrea.When all these facts are considered ,Korrea's film industry is still in fledgling stage despite some creative directors.Considering all these facts I can clearly say that I like Korrean Dramas very much.
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