In modern life, fuel is very important to run machines, which have become inevitable in our life. But, natural resources from which we get fuel is depleting at a fast pace.
So, fuel conservation has become essential.
You can use the following tips to conserve fuel:
* By carpooling or using public transport system, in order to reduce the total pollution from motor vehicles.
* By using Eco-friendly gases like C.N.G
* By shifting to renewable resources of energy such as solar energy and wind  energy

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We should conserve the fuel, because the fuels are getting depleted, and the chance for the fuel in the future will be less.
Then, the future generations will suffer, with the lack of fuel.
If we didn't conserve the fuels, then, there won't be any re-accomplishment.

So, it is important to conserve it, as it takes millions of years for it's formation. 
We can conserve by using battery vehicles, and limiting the usage of the vehicles.
You could conserve the fuel by the following ways:- 
1.We can save fuel by maximizing the use of battery vehicles, and minimizing the use of polluting vehicles.
2.We may use CNG, instead of petrol and diesel.
3.Use of alternative fuels must be appreciated.
4.Fuels are precious and present in a limited account, so the conservation of fuels is essential. The government must make awareness.

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