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Man is the architect of his own life.
First, u start with ur name and class. Then,
We know that, man had developed his talents for many years.
Our ancestors had many talents, but all that were be unable to exhibit by us. We are creating a new talent, in us.
We can't chase like our ancestors, we can't live in such a cold, and in such a world with no technology. In fact, we can't live without computers.
So, man is the architect of his life, irrespective of his backgrounds, or surroundings. Their role is just a bit. We should have the ability to exhibit our talents.
Man had developed many things in his life, starting from the fan, to the computers, his inventions to develop a better world, a better life, are marvelous.
A man from a poor background had shined in his life. There are many such examples for this, bro. The best example I can tell u, is Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He had born in a poor background, but, he became a scientist, then, President, then, the SOUL OF ALL THE INDIAN YOUNGSTERS.

Thus, I conclude that, man is the architect of his own life.

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