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1.Spending leisure is an art.Many people do not know how to spend their leisure time.

2.We should make use of leisure time by doing anything we like to do or by practicing our hobbies.Some of the activities can be -Painting,Music,Dance,Gardening,Collecting Stamps and so on.

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Leisure time is the time in which we are all free from everything, it is just the lapse time, in which we can make best use of it, or we can simply waste it. Many of us waste our leisure time, but, here are my few tips to tell u, how to make the best use of it.

First we have to plan what we should do in our leisure time, then we have make a chart, then we have to proceed it.

Time waits for none, if u waste the time, keep a clock near to u, ten u may know that, it is not the time, it is ur life.
You could draw during ur leisure time, or could play during ur leisure time, or could study during this time- some other books, other than the academics.
One should have a motto, it itself makes u to use ur leisure time in a best manner.

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